Let me introduce myself in a few words: my name is Győriné Mária Szécsényi and I graduated from the Hungarian Industrial Technical College in 1977.

I have started my business in 1990 with the help of family and friends. In the begining I tried to satisfy diferent demants in the Light industry, but this "buy it, use it, throw it away" life style did not appeal to me. Slowly but surely producing high quality products became more and more importantto me. After a while I started to see the results of my new approach: a number of my works are exhibited in diferent museums. I have a deep respect for tradicions and ancient pure shapes and styles.

I also have a slogan:

"The prince of Wales should have a kilt,
The Austrian Chancellar should have a pair of leather shorts,
And a young Hungarian gentleman shoud have a Bocskai Jacket!"


Please take a look at the pictures of Tura on my Web page, where I would love to see you in my Humble wokshop.
I would love to see tradicional Hungarian clothes becoming more fashionable. That is what I work for as did my hero Zsidelyné Klára Tüdős.

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